Established in early 2018, We are a company that is dedicated to supplying the finest available grades of Export quality “High grown Ceylon Tea”, originating from Madolkele, Bambarella, Huluganga, Rangala and in divisions of Knuckles Mountain.

All while being cost effective so that everyone can enjoy the world’s best quality of Tea.

The uniqueness of our products , comes from adding “NO artificial fragrance or colouring”, which makes your experience truly content to its best quality.

Our offerings are available for both wholesale and retail purchasing in grades as follows,

Export Quality – FF1,
Premium Quality – BOPF
High Quality – DII

Product Details


Export Quality - FF1

This unique very special blend is a combination of the best hand picked tea leaves targeted for the export market. This has NO artificial flavours or colouring, simply to maintain its true tea flavour and provide the best natural tea experience to the consumer. Our tea experience will be very unique to all your senses with an extreme feel of rich satisfaction, not only in quenching your thirst but also your innate, most wildest tea desires . It's best recommended to have a cup of plain tea to experience its maximum flavour and taste ...Enjoy!!


Premium Quality - BOPF

This grade of BOPF blend goes through a closely monitored quality controlled tea process, ensuring the best blend is achieved for export market. It's graded as premium due to its QC process, blend and all natural pure tea leaves. This is best to have with plain tea and will give you a rich pure tea leaves after taste with milk tea. A cup of this will get you live and kicking to make it through the day !!

High Quality - Dii

This particular tea blend is commonly used for milk tea lovers. This has the strong punch, with the all natural pure tea blend as well by maintaining its natural form eliminating artificial fragrance and colouring. This pure blend will not only tickle your tea taste buds but will leave you with a rich pure Ceylon tea taste as well. Your first time experience will make you wonder what have you been missing all your life of a rich and enhanced tea experience.